Medicare Advantage plans know about the coverage and extra benefits

Did you know Medicare features coverage in different ways? Thinking of Medicare, people think of Original Medicare, the government program that includes Part A Hospital Insurance and Medical insurance Part B.  However, you may wish to consider other plans of Medicare. For instance, you may be avail the benefits of Part A and B through Medicare Advantage plans that is Medicare approved.  Medicare Advantage plans, refers to the Part C Medicare program that offers alternative ways to avail Part A and B Original Medicare coverage, but for the hospice care. There are few Medicare Advantage plans that include extra benefits such as prescription drug coverage, for instance, routine dental services or some regular fitness programs. These are additional benefits few examples that the Medicare Advantage plans offer and these are not the benefits coming with the Original Medicare.

The Original Medicare also does not cover the prescription drugs, for instance, Part A and B Medicare does not cover medications taken at home. Fortunately, the Medicare Advantage plans mostly include the coverage of prescription drug and so the Medicare benefits can be availed with just one policy. If you need a Medicare Advantage Prescription plan, there is an insurance plan offering the coverage for prescription drugs. Bear in mind that each Medicare Advantage plan even for prescription drug plan has a list covering the drugs. The fact is that it may also change any time, but do not worry you will get the notice, when changes take place.  Medicare Advantage plans are provided by private companies that are into Medicare contract, thus, each plan has an individual premium.  As you get enrolled in United Healthcare medicare supplement plans, you are expected to be having the Medicare program such that you are paying the Part B Medicare premium monthly. Ensure your Medicare services are administered and covered by a single policy.

How to qualify for Medicare Advantage plans?

Qualifying for Medicare Advantage plans is possible on fulfilling these conditions:

  • There is Part A and B Medicare coverage with you.
  • You reside in an area that offers Medicare Advantage plans you wish to enroll.
  • You are not having critical diseases such as kidney failure or transplant.

Cost of Medicare Advantage plan?

The Medicare Advantage Plans costs vary from one to another. Yet do ask relevant questions before choosing one:

  • Do you have to pay monthly premium with the new plan in addition to the Part B Medicare premium
  • Is this plan annual deductible
  • If the prescription drugs are covered in this plan
  • What will be the out-of-pocket maximum limit