Cost Of Medicare Supplement Plans

The senior age is quite conflicting in the sense that the elder generation is not aware of what to qualify as a service which is worth the payment it asks, and which isn’t.

This article states the monthly premium (estimate) which you will have to pay for the various Medigap Plans for 2019. These costs may vary in the upcoming year, but these costs have been inflated a bit to meet that match.

  1. Plan A – $310

The plan includes major supplementary coverage such as blood transfusion and coinsurance for both part A and part B of the total supplementary coverage.

  1. Plan B – $423

The extra cost associated with this complete plan is related to the part B deductibles that it covers for.

  1. Plan C – $414

Plan C actually accommodates a greater proportion of the overall medical supplement cares offered in the Medigap Plans for 2019. These include coverage for part B deductibles as well as an approximate coverage of 80% for interstate travel emergencies.

  1. Plan D – $357

This is a mirror reflection of an affordable version of Plan C, which excludes the part B deductible coverage.

  1. Plan F – $321 ($393 For Maximum Deductibles)

This is the premier plan offered among the Medigap Plans for 2019. For the price range, the plan offers almost complete supplement cost coverage for most medical expenses out there. Combined with a basic Medicare plan, there exists no doubt that there is no further medical coverage you need.

  1. Plan G – $262

This particular plan holds a lot of popularity alongside Plan F because the only element differentiating the two is the fact that the former also covers for part B deductibles. However, because of the non-recurrent nature of those costs, people often consider G to be the best plan offered among all.

  1. Plans K-N ($120 – $320)

Medigap plans are more about partial coverage than complete coverage and are more towards the affordable side than they are for offering people the complete autonomy against paying at all for supplemental care.

Partial coverage includes 50%-80% coverage of most elements in the list of benefits offered. The only major advantage of opting for these plans over the premium and hyped ones is the fact that there can be simultaneous purchases, and that the overall impact on immediate expenses is lower.

Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Medicare Supplement Plans

With the dawn of old age arising, an important decision to make is deciding on your health insurance plan. The available plans, Medicare Advantage Plan and Original Medicare, have certain features special to each. Medicare Supplement Plans (Medigap) are availed alongside Original Medicare to fill in any ‘gaps’ you may have in your original plan such as such as deductibles, coinsurance and copayments, as well as other costs.

There are a few frequently asked questions regarding Medicare Supplement Plans, as follows:

  1. What does Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans cover?
  • Medicare part A coinsurance and hospital costs;
  • Medicare Part B coinsurance or copayment;
  • Blood (first 3 pints);
  • Part A hospice care coinsurance or copayment;
  • Skilled nursing facility care coinsurance;
  • Medicare Part A deductible;
  • Medicare Part B deductible;
  • Foreign travel emergency (up to plan limits);
  1. How much do Medicare Supplement Plans cost?

Best Medigap plans in 2018 are purchased through private insurance companies and not federally-administered. Thus, they are free to sell them at their own costs making the price of this plan very variable throughout the country. The price also varies depending upon the location. Some companies tend to offer discounts on such plans time to time, to increase the consumption of this plan. Furthermore, each company is subject to their own pricing models which lead to varying costs. Hence, it is advisable to directly contact your preferred choice of company regarding this matter.

  1. What is the eligibility for Medicare Supplement Plans?
  • You must be following the Original Medicare Plan.
  • You must avail both Part A and Part B of Medicare.
  • You must be above the age of sixty-five. If not, you must have legal permission in case of suffering from end-stage renal disease or qualifying disability.


  1. Can I choose my own doctor?

Your doctors will be same as that of your Original Medicare Plan. Thus, specialist approved by your company in the Original Plan will also be your doctor after availing the Medigap Plan.

  1. Are there any changes in Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019?

Apart from the discontinuation of Plan F, there don’t seem to be any other significant change in the Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019. It’s always a good idea to purchase this plan in the year before, so that you can know and predict any changes that can be incurred in the future.

We hope you found these helpful.

How to Screen the Best Agent for Your Medicare Supplemental Plans 2019?

Medicare Supplement Plans are very useful and fill the gaps in the conventional medical insurance plans. However, it can be confusing for you to compare and contrast the different Medicare Supplement Plans – given the plenty of information that you have to go through. Luckily, you can find a lot of reputed insurance professionals who can help you out. Here are some tips to help you screen the best agent for your Medicare Supplemental Plans 2019.

Talk to an independent broker / agent

You would like to ensure that you are talking to independent brokers or agents, who work typically with multiple carriers. They do not talk only about the options of a single company. An independent agent establishes relations with more than one carrier. This lets you choose from various options instead of being restricted to only a limited number of options.

Does he ask questions?

If the Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 agent does not talk to you about your lifestyle, health, activity level etc, he is not a good one to choose. He or she should ask important questions such as what your budget is, what your health condition is, how much you wish to travel, do you need complete coverage and whether you would like to share some of your medical costs, among other things.

Does he specialize in Medicare?

Medical insurance policies are very diverse in form. You should work with an insurance broker specializing in Medicare. He should be aware of the laws and changes in the same, to be able to offer you solid advice about Medicare. With an agent who specializes in the area that you need help with, you can expect to be on better ground.

His experience level

Check whether the agent has been there for a long time. Every year, many people enter the insurance business – only to leave after some time. With an agent who has been there in business for a long time, you can be assured of commitment. Avoid working with new Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 agents, who could be winding up business or leaving the profession after some time – leaving you in the lurch with a bad supplemental plan that is expensive and does not offer the type of coverage that you want.

Clarity of communication

Find out whether the agent presents all the information in an understandable and clear way. This will help clear up all your confusion. With a caring, competent agent, you can expect all the fine print of your policy to be clearly explained. You can clearly understand all your best Medigap plans of 2019 options and make an appropriate choice.

How to Compare Various Medicare Supplement Plans 2019?

Presently, you can find as many as 7 Medicare Supplement plans that you can pick from – and these range from F to N, other than plans A to D. The advantages of each plan vary from another with little exception. In 1990, following the standardization of plans by Medicare, customers are able to compare the various advantages and costs of different plans in a better way. There are various Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 to pick from. It is essential that you conduct enough research in order to get one that matches your own situation and needs.

Check the legitimacy

You have to check whether the company that you are buying the supplemental plan from is a legitimate one. A number of agencies are only interested in collecting your personal details and selling them to many insurance agents. There are two methods to determine whether you are dealing with a legitimate Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 provider. You can find a toll-free number where you can call up customer support staffs. Also, you will find a statement in the company’s website that the agency will never sell or disclose your personal details to a third party.

Talk to an expert

In many cases, it would also be wise to get in touch with an expert specializing in Medicare supplement plans. This can reduce a lot of stress for you, and sort out many complicated issues for you. With his or her experience and training, the specialist can assist you with all your requirements.

Compare the costs

Compare the prices of various Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 that are available, while searching for various companies offering them. Better insurance agencies and brokers can offer you comparisons of plans from various insurance providers working in your region. The costs, in most cases, will vary even when the plans being offered are similar in form. Keep in mind that it is wise to invest some time into the research to arrive at a proper decision while buying the best plan for your needs and pocket.

Compare the coverage

You will also need to compare the amount of coverage being extended by each plan, and consider which type of coverage you require. If you only visit a doctor infrequently and happen to be in generally good health, you can go for Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 that offer basic coverage for medical expenses. On the other hand, if you are in poor health or progressing towards ‘senior citizen’ age, it is wise to opt for a plan offering extensive coverage.